The 5-Step System to Amazing Concrete Designs by Ramcrete

The system was designed by founder, Matt Shields to deliver the WOW factor each piece of a Ramcrete Concrete Designs, including concrete countertops Tulsa. We like to educate clients like you on the system, prior to beginning the project so you know what steps we will be performing and when we give you updates, you will have prior knowledge about the steps of the project. Knowledge is power. That’s why we want to keep you posted on your concrete countertop project every step of the way. 

In case you are curious…. Here are our proven steps to incredible Ramcrete Concrete Designs!

Step One: The Client Visit: This can happen either by phone or through the showroom. We will visit and have an extensive conversation about what you want for your new kitchen, bathroom or outdoor living area, or even for your living room. We make sure we understand what the client is trying to achieve and determine the look they desire, and budget accordingly to the limit they set. We will take you through each part of this step and walk you through it as well. Your concrete countertops Tulsa project, and any other type of project will be off to the right start during step one.

Step 2: Next, we do a site visit. This is where we will assess your location and align that with your goals we discussed. We will determine the final location of the product and how it is going to be installed. Here, we will get measurements, discuss basic construction details and put everything in place for the start of the project. .

Ste 3: Next, we will determine the appropriate PreCast (PC)  or Pour in Place (PIP) for your custom project. We will explain all of the details of each piece and expectations on how long this phase will take, what it will look like upon completion, etc. 

Step 4: Finally, we discuss scheduling. Here we include samples, mockups, templates, installation details, payment terms, and final details. We make sure you are satisfied with the proposed plan before the next step. Are you ready?!?! (DRUMROLL)

Step 5: FINALLY….  Delivery/ Installation. This is where we turn your dreams into a reality. 

Concrete Countertops?

We have studied and worked with an extensive array of materials over the last 16 years. We designed a system to deliver the best product to meet the needs of the client. Concrete countertops Tulsa are a modern, trendy way to remodel your kitchen. 

We custom design our concrete countertops Tulsa to find a way to incorporate beautiful designs with vibrant or subtle colors to upgrade your kitchen and take the design to the next level. We can help enhance your bathroom, your business, maybe even a concrete countertop for an additional room such as man cave. Our goal is to provide you with possibilities you never knew existed.

Concrete Fire Pits

Much like concrete countertops Tulsa, we design and build custom fire pits in any shape, size or color.  We give you variety when it comes to functionality as well as color and design. We can build a concrete fire pit equipped for wood burning, or even gas. This is the perfect addition to your backyard or living room. Give your indoor or outdoor living area the perfect addition to keep your family warm and cozy during colder weather. 

Options includes straightforward, basic circle shapes, or a one of a kind with infinite amount of detail and features. We create the masterpiece based on your vision and our artisan skills!

Concrete Fireplace Surrounds

Here’s where other fun options exist too. If you are looking for something different, we have you covered. Are you wanting a modern, industrial, farmhouse or ancient style concrete fireplace surrounds? No matter what your style is, we can deliver a custom piece that fits your needs for your fireplace. 

We offer both remodel or new construction services. Our custom concrete panels are built to fit your space and transform the look of your home or commercial setting


How Does Ramcrete Concrete Designs Service Businesses?

We can give your business the upgrade it deserves with indoor concrete designs or even exterior branding projects. We are business owners too. We know how hard you work to keep your daily operations flowing like they should. That’s why we work hard to prevent any kind of customer disruption during our time working with you. Imagine what custom designed concrete countertops Tulsa can do for your business.

We use the same 5-Step System for our commercial clients that we do for our residential clients. Often times, maybe even more extensive. This is because we need to know, due to normal business operations what challenges we might face, and how we can run the project smoothly and efficiently. 

Concrete Marquees, Signage and Logos for Businesses

We can even help commercial businesses when it comes to their brand. We will design a concrete monuments for your business. We can upgrade your outdoor sign with beatiful custom made concrete designs. This will be the sign that withstands the test of time, just like your business. We can even design marquees and plaques. Almost any of our projects can apply to both commercial and residential locations.

Concrete walls:

We can even provide concrete walls such as sitting walls, concrete benches,  retaining walls, and more. The best part is, your walls or bench options don’t have to be straight. When it comes to designing custom concrete furniture pieces, we want to educate you on your options. When it comes to concrete design projects, we can make almost anything using our hands. 

Concrete Flooring

Concrete flooring is yet another beautiful, functional trendy and affordable way to upgrade your residential or commercial property. The concrete floors are the perfect statement piece to any room, while also providing an efficient solution to foot traffic.

Your concrete flooring includes the following full-proof installation services we perform to get you the perfect flooring.

  1. Polishing | This is the sleek, classic \ for your flooring design. 
  2. Staining | This is where we pick the perfect color to enhance your already beautiful property.
  3. Epoxy Coating | Protection at it’s finest.   
  4. Concrete Tiles | The sky truly is the limit here folks.