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For 16 years, Ramcrete Concrete Designs has been providing decorative concrete surfaces and features for almost two full decades. We approach each client as an  opportunity to improve a part of their life, from the outside of their home, to the view they see traveling across the state.

We are committed to creating that element to enhance their life not just today but for years to come. From concrete countertops Tulsa, to other projects, we have you covered. That is exactly why we make every opportunity to stay connected with our clients. We are extremely proud when they call us time and time again to work on more projects. We find that for most clients, once you see the endless design possibilities with concrete, you can’t stop dreaming just like us.

You are always welcome to call anytime and discuss any idea or project you have or are considering. We are committed to helping you find solutions to your designs and help provide the knowledge and peace of mind you seek for your next Ramcrete Concrete Design Project.

Many of our clients don’t know what to expect when they first reach out to us. However, they quickly find that we walk them through the process step-by-step and make sure we can understand the clients needs. They find that they are glad they contacted us. For most, whether they booked the job with us or not (and they almost always do because they are blown away by our work) they tell us we were very informative and now they know way more about the benefits and opportunities of incorporating concrete designs into the decor from concrete countertops Tulsa, to concrete fireplaces and any other type of functionality of their property.

Why Should I Contact Ramcrete?

We are the concrete designers truly committed to the art, and the level of professional service you deserve. We aren’t like most contractors. We don’t use the, “just another job” mentality in our culture here at Ramcrete. From Matt, the owner and founder of Ramcrete Concrete Designs, to the entire team, you can trust our ability to fully commit and be that source of wisdom for your design needs. We recommend you look at concrete countertops Tulsa services today to see how we can help transform your kitchen area. 

What Will I Receive With a Consultation from Ramcrete?

We love when we get this question. Your consultation will be complete with a full assessment to learn exactly what you want and vision for your next concrete design project. We take the time to sit down and see what project you have in mind and how we can help.

Next, we dream with you. We specifically design a project for you during your free consultation. This is a $350.00 at no cost to you. You truly have nothing to lose when you request a quote and receive your free consultation from Matt Shields himself, owner and designer of Ramcrete Concrete Designs.

What Should I Expect?

True dedication. That is exactly what you should expect from the designers and builders at Ramcrete Concrete Designs. We are committed to excellence every step of the way, including our oh-so-popular concrete countertops Tulsa. Our expectations for the entire team and project is nothing short of excellence and that is what you can expect when you contact us for your consultation today. 

What Are the Steps to Contact Ramcrete?

We make it easy. All you have to do is call us or fill out the form. You can reach us (918) 798-5571 where we are ready to help you dream. You can also send us a message on Facebook. If new concrete countertops Tulsa designs are the perfect addition to your kitchen, call today. 

  • Step 1: Call
  • Step 2: Spill the beans on your dreams!
  • Step 3: Wait a short while.
  • Step 4: Be WOW’d. 
  • Step 5: Leave a review telling everyone else about how awesome we are. 

What Ways Can I Contact Ramcrete?

We prefer phone… right now. Seriously, stop what you are doing and call us right now. We look forward to hearing form clients like you all the time with a beautiful vision for their space. Maybe you would rather take a slower approach. That’s okay too.

If this is the case, you can request a quote today, schedule a time for a consultation call, message us on Facebook or We truly offer every opportunity to make sure we can connect with you sooner rather than later. We love what we do and we want the opportunity to show you what we can do, show you our passion for doing what we do, and share in your vision to create an absolute masterpiece for Ramcrete Concrete Designs for your new concrete countertops Tulsa and other concrete design projects.

What Does it Take to Get Concrete Countertops?

Concrete Countertops are growing in trend in both businesses, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Many people tell us, “I didn’t know you were here. Now I know exactly where to come for all of my concrete countertop designs”. That’s exactly what we are doing now! We want to let everyone know exactly what it takes to receive concrete countertops. We love what we do and we want to make it easy for you. 

All you have to do is reach out. We will give you a fair estimate, walk through the step-by-step process and see exactly how we can help achieve your goal for custom designed concrete countertops. The process is easy. You have nothing to lose. 

How Soon Should I Concrete Ramcrete Concrete Designs for my Next Project?

Now. Seriously, NOW! We are booked out all the time. Here’s the deal… we are great at what we do. People that know us, want to use us often. People who are searching for a concrete designer, always want to use us. 

That’s why we suggest, the second you make the decision that you want to see what Ramcrete Concrete Designs can do for you, we encourage you to call immediately. The fact is, the sooner we know you are ready to develop amazing concrete designs, the better we can prepare to begin your project. Success comes from preparation. We want to help you as soon as possible so you will love your new concrete designs sooner, rather than later. 

We look forward to working with great property owners like you. Our passion for doing what we do depends on people like you. Call us today! We want to offer you the best deal possible and that is why we are looking forward to working with you to create art!