About the Founder of Ramcrete Concrete Designs

Matt Shields founded Ramcrete Concrete Designs in 2002 after searching for someone to install concrete floors in his own home. His wife found a training class for decorative concrete and signed him up for it. Always being a do-it-yourself person and having a creative mindset, he came home from the first day of the class and realized he found the subject for his next business venture. Allowing him to be as creative with concrete surfaces as he wanted to, he explored different mediums to apply to  concrete. His passion for being creative, coupled with the idea of being a sponge for information has led him to various concrete studios and concrete training seminars around the United States. Matt wanted to learn from the concrete industry leaders, those that were applying and creating high end concrete effects. His passion to create beautiful and functional concrete surfaces, coupled with constantly expanding his understanding of concrete is one reason his clients love the end end results. We can complete the best projects like concrete countertops Tulsa, exterior concrete display, concrete fireplaces and more. 

His wife says “You will like him because he is so involved in the day-to-day application of your project”. You will get frustrated with him for the same reason, until he gets to your job.  Matt is hands on with every job and doesn’t stop until it is complete. That is the philosophy and life that Ramcrete Concrete Designs lives on and implements in every aspect of the day-to-day operations. You will be amazed at the possibilities Matt and his team have worked so hard to build for clients to enhance their home whether that be concrete countertops Tulsa or any other type of project. 

Matt has always wanted to be outside building something.  Born and raised in Tulsa, OK and growing up with parents who did home remodel projects, prepared  him for the rigors of the concrete construction world. That is why he has so much experience in his work whether that may be a fireplace install, concrete countertops Tulsa or something else. He graduated from Southwest Baptist University, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. and lasted 6 months in an office, before he “went outside”. His first business kept him outside 24/7. After 15 years he made a change, needing something with more creative freedom.   The determination to build his own house comes from the attitude, “I can figure it”.  

What makes RAMCRETE Concrete Designs Different?

There are many decorative concrete contractors in the Tulsa, OK region.  Our approach has been “Let’s be as creative as we can while applying the best concrete practices and techniques as a budget will allow”.

Matt is very  involved in each concrete project, and personally oversees and works on every project. His creative approach to concrete has lead to an expansive array of project experience that includes, custom concrete staining on various bridges  within the I-35 and I-44 corridors. Creating a small bathroom vanities in Southern California, installing stained concrete floors and large concrete countertops in Missouri. Ramcrete, has polished ten’s of thousands of square foot from large churches to garage floors. We built the stamped concrete courtyard at the DHS/State of Oklahoma building located in Tulsa, OK. Ramcrete started as a Do-It-Yourself for Matt’s own concrete countertops and concrete floors, and has grown to having installed  thousands of feet of stamped concrete, stained concrete, and concrete countertops, in commercial settings like bars, retail stores, and casinos, to individuals homes, cabins, and outdoor living spaces

Ramcrete is still a small firm specializing in creative concrete, including concrete countertops Tulsa custom pieces with a passion to be challenged by the next concrete project. 

Our goal is to provide extraordinary design and creativity that adds value to each client’s life because of custom pieces newly remodeled based on their specific, unique design style and design state. Everyone is different when it comes to aesthetic preferences. Ramcrete Concrete Designs is ready to provide a consultation based on your specific needs in concrete designs. Need concrete countertops Tulsa? We have you covered.    


It is everything within the unexpected, the “WOW, that’s concrete?”. Yes. It’s a natural product, that is manipulated with our hands, to create structure and textures like no other material.

It is liquid that turns solid, it has endless color, natural color, shifting color, it takes on a life.  It evolves and is timeless. It is art, and it functions for your daily life and convenience purposes as well. It’s amazing what our concrete designers can do when it comes to building the perfect remodel and design of your dreams.  

With Clients Like, The Pioneer Woman, Why Wouldn’t You Want to Try Ramcrete Concrete Designs for Free?

Although we have many, one of our proudest moments in the history of Ramcrete Concrete Designs was the opportunity to provide Oklahoma’s very own, Ree Drummond, most commonly known as The Pioneer Woman. We were able to design a custom piece at the famous bar located in Pawhuska, Oklahoma at The Pioneer Woman Mercantile. 

After all, you can sense the passion in what we do. We put the same amount of diligence, detail, obsession, passion, care and meticulousness concentration into every design we create whether the client is Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman or the next project that comes across our desk, yours!

How Can You Create Your Own Custom Elite Piece?

We truly go the extra mile to help our clients. That’s why we offer a free consultation the very first time you reach out to us. You will be amazed at our ability to create a masterpiece for you. We want to help you dream. We listen to your needs and create a design, custom designed for you, keeping your design goals in mind during the entire process. The first step is to schedule a FREE consultation today. Learn why we are the best at what we do and see how we can transform your outdoor living area, commercial sign, design custom made concrete countertops and much more. 

Request a quote online today for concrete countertops Tulsa or any other type of concrete project at www.ramcreteok.com or give us a call at 918-798-5571. We encourage you to read our revies. See what other clients have to say about our work and professional, high-quality services. We work to create exactly what you want and more. As we always say, the WOW factor is why we do what we do.